Managing Computer Systems

So You Can Focus on Managing Your Business


Chuck Norris says: "...proactive maintenance has avoided many potential problems before they occur."

Avisotek set up the computer system for my mortgage company. As you can imagine, having a computer network that is not only reliable but protects our client's confidential information is our highest priority. Over the years Avisotek has always managed to keep our network online and protected. When we have had any computer challenges, Avisotek has been very quick to respond and the proactive maintenance has avoided many potential problems before they occur. Thanks Avisotek!

Chuck Norris
Solano Lender

Protect Your Business Data From Loss or Theft
Free Report will reveal the Seven Best Practices to protect you business data from loss due to flood, fire, or hardware disaster as well as theft.

Want quick response time?...yes...we understand! System downtime cuts into productivity and can cause customer service issues. You need fast response time and quick resolution to disruptions.

  You want your system to just work! You depend on you computer system, so you need them to work.

What good does it do if the alerts are flashing and the alarms are blaring and no on is paying attention. We monitor your systems and perform prevenitive maintenance to keep your computer systems stable and reliable.

  Your computer systems and software are a tool by which you can deliver your product or service. Our consultants will help you utilize this tool to it's fullest potnetial

Keeping your customers private information safe from theft or unauthorized access just makes good business sense. Also, keeping your system under your control and not under the control of a hacker is in the best interest of your company. We will help you comply with PCI Compliance, HIPAA, or GLBA.

  What would you do if you lost your computer systems or all your data to a fire, flood, earthquake or theft? How would your business continue after such a disaster. We help you plan to recover from such disasters and thereby keeping you in business.


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